Try The Best Zombie Catchers Weapons

Many zombie catchers weapons were used for hunting zombies. The creator of a zombie character was the one who predicted the future. As they say, the future of the earth is of zombies because they are going to take control of the universe. The image created of zombies is like a creature that is half dead.

A breakthrough came, and a virus was launched into the atmosphere, which had a negative impact and turned humans into zombies.

The next version zombie catchers 2 mod apk is also the same as the main version zombie catchers mod apk. Every organ of a zombie is working but is unconscious. So anything alive that comes in contact is going eaten by a zombie.

Zombie Catchers Weapons

Zombie catchers weapons table
App nameZombie catchers mod apk
DeveloperDeca games
Size81 MB

More About Zombie Catchers Weapons

Aj and Bud are two friends trying to make an earning streak through this apocalypse. I have an idea about hunting a zombie and making juice and desserts out of them. After squeezing different kinds of foods from zombies, they are willing to sell them to aliens who are unaware that juice is made from zombies.

Some weapons are necessary to hunt zombies are they are unable to catch them with bare hands. Different weapons are unlocked after passing different levels. In zombie catchers all ranks as the rank increases, your gameplay experience also gets better for freezer apk.

All Weapons Names

  • Harpoon.
  • Jetpack.
  • Network weapon.
  • Tranquilizer pistol.
  • Tesla pistol.
  • Zombie traps.
  • Tesla trap.
  • Freezer gun.

All Weapons And Unlocking Levels

Zombie catchers weaponsUnlocking level
Harpoon level 1Level 1
Harpoon level 2Level 17
Harpoon level 3Level 47
Zombie trapLevel 23
Network weaponLevel 7
Tranquilizer PistolLevel 21
JetpackLevel 46
Tesla TrapLevel 49
Freezer gunLevel 69

Weapon Names And Some Features

Harpoon Level 1 In Zombie Catchers Weapons

It is the starting weapon. A rope having a harpoon at the end is shot at any creature,  in this game zombies, that kills them and a balloon to lift them up to the ship.

Harpoon Level 2

 It increases the strength and range of the recent version of the harpoon.

Harpoon Level 3

Available at level 47 and increases power as well as rope length.


Jetpack unlocks at level 10 of zombie catchers mod apk. It also advances the flight time and jump capability of the hunter. Model 2 is also attainable at level 46. It increases power and flight time by up to 1000%.

Network Weapon

Firing a networked weapon at multiple zombies can capture them. It launches a web in which zombies are seized to move. That feature unlocks at level 7.

Network weapon

Tranquillizer Pistols

A dosage shot from a pistol is used to sedate a zombie and then make it easy to catch it. Because of low ammo, only 6 shots, so use it very gently. It also has a full-screen range. By firing at larger zombies, it takes some time to sedate them.

The pistol that throws electrical bombs on zombies and also has an effect on other zombies that are surrounded by the affected one is called the Tesla pistol.

Zombie Trap

Like the old traps, these are used to hide them on the ground whenever something touches them; they catch their feet which is how you can also catch a zombie. You can also pick them up and change the location of the traps.

Zombie trap

Tesla Trap

A gliding trap slides toward zombies, and whenever a zombie comes near it, it can give a high-voltage shock to the zombie as well as neighbouring zombies.

Freezer Gun

A cruise missile-type gun that locks its target and hits them without worrying about aiming them. These missiles can choose their real zombie target and can hit wherever they are.

 The freezer gun which is unlocked at level 69 is the last weapon in the zombie catcher apk.

 There are three levels of harpoon which unlocks in different levels.

Jetpack model 2 unlocks at level 46.

A glider-type trap floats into the air, whenever a zombie comes near it, it gives a high-voltage current to the zombie.

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