Zombie Catchers Vs Zombie Tsunami

Comparing Zombie Catchers vs zombie tsunami, zombie catchers is basically a game where two friends Aj and Bud also have a dog, and had a great idea of hunting zombies from different planets and making delicious foods, juices and desserts out of them.

These desserts are later on sold on different planets to different species, who don’t even know about the main ingredient of this juice. So selling juices and desserts make them wealthy gaining high profits. 

Unlike zombie catchers where you are a hunter and hunt zombies, In zombie tsunami apk you are the one who is a zombie. So biting humans and turning them into zombies is your primary goal.

Here you can bite a human and change him into a zombie and make a hoard of zombies that’s how you increase your level in the zombie tsunami game.

Describing Zombie Catchers Vs Zombie Tsunami

As mentioned above both of these games are revolving around zombie. In zombie Catchers mod apk where you are a zombie hunter as a human whereas in zombie tsunami you are a zombie and are going to hunt humans.

Gameplay Of Both Games

At the start of zombie catchers Aj and Bud are two friends who find zombies and later on hunt them to make juices out of them and to earn money.

Here there are many types of zombies, every zombie has its own squeezer which is used to make unique types of juice or dessert.

In zombie tsunami mod apk you are there as a zombie so you kill humans and turn them into zombies to put them in your team and make them hunters also, so that’s how you are gonna make your own flock to hunt humans efficiently.

Graphics Of Both Games

Graphics of both the games are of 3D type, Zombie catchers have quite a greenish colour along with black but it represents very stylish and beautiful scenery.

Zombie tsunami has also black and green contrast which make it closer to nature because of the zombie apocalypse human ran into the forest to take refuge so that is how we are going into the forests to hunt zombies.

Multiplayer in Zombie Catchers Vs Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami apk has a unique idea of playing a game by connecting it with your Facebook you can place the heads of your friends on the other humans so that you hunt them and make a picture and send them to your friends.

Zombie Tsunami mod apk can also be played through multiplayer where you and your friends can march up in the same field and hunt humans together making your zombie flock grow.

While talking about the zombie catchers mod apk game you can’t have any of these two options in that game.


More exciting options as you can turn from zombie into many other option like, you can turn into ninjas, flying dragons and many others.

These other options are mainly used to distract and make hindrances in the way of humans that is how it makes it easy to hunt and catch humans to eat their brains.

While talking about the zombie catchers game, also has many upgrades you can upgrade the weapons of zombie hunters because as going further into the game zombies become quicker and quicker and become unable to catch with older weapons so weapon upgrade is also available.

The second most important upgrade is of squeezers because you need to upgrade squeezers to improve their efficiency of squeezers that is how the player is gonna make more and more profits.

There are more games which have the same upgrades like that mentioning name of the one: cricket league mod apk .

Locations In Zombie Catchers Vs Zombie Tsunami

Locations in the zombie tsunami are nine in number as you can pick any of the locations to play and hunt humans. Eight Items are provided but you have to collect them first so by collecting the you can run faster and can complete your level in a short span of time. 

There are also many locations in zombie catchers but you can not choose any location at once first you have to unlock the location then you are gonna play on that location. 


Both the games are very exciting to play as both games have the same idea of zombies because we know the modern world is aware of zombies and have believed in zombies that they are gonna come and will gain a lead on our lands. 

So both the games are making people think about how can tackle that situation whenever it comes. 

Zombie catchers are of catching zombies make juices out of them and later on sell them at reasonable prices. 

The Size Of Zombie Tsunami game is 66MB.

This game is developed by a company named Mobigame S.A.R.L .

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