Rise From Bottom To The Top With Zombie Catchers Ranks

Here we will talk about the ZOMBIE CATCHERS RANKS in this game. Zombies are creatures we should be afraid of because their image is like horrible creatures that will eat any living being who comes into their sight.

Ranking in the zombie catchers zombies game depends upon how much of a skilled killer you are. Increasing kills also makes some growth in your rank. Boosting rank also updates your costume.

Zombie Catchers Rank

Zombie catchers ranks table
App nameZombie catchers mod apk
DeveloperDeca games
Play storeDownload Zombie Catchers Hunt & Sell
Size94 MB

About Zombie Catchers Ranks

Starting with a rank-name newbie and going up to the last level, the supreme hunter is challenging. You only want 200 perfect hunts to be the world’s best supreme hunter; for that purpose, you have to get the best zombie catchers weapons.

Having some perfect kills and then upgrading your levels also boosts your costume. Costumes are essential to hunting zombies as they will be very beneficial in catching sea creatures and camouflaging in the swamp.

About zombie catchers ranks

Names of All Ranks in Zombie Catchers

All ranks names
  • Newbie
  • Catcher.
  • Amateur hunter.
  • Apprentice stalker.
  • Assistant trapper.
  • Junior fighter.
  • Harpoon manager.
  • Senior fighter.
  • Expert assassin.
  • Lure master.
  • Executive hitman.
  • The deadliest catcher.
  • Champion hunter.
  • Legend.
  • Turbo legend.
  • Supreme hunter.

Zombie Catchers Ranking Costumes

Catcher15Chemical protection kit
Stalker apprentice35Camouflage suit
Junior fighter50Pilot suit
Senior fighter70Protective suit
Expert assassin80Mutant suit
Lure master90Sausage costume
The deadliest catcher120Military truck
Hunter champion140Sharky
legend160Bud’s weapon
Turbo legend180Metal suit
Supreme hunter
200Costume for sea creatures

Costume Specifications

Chemical protection kit is used primarily to boost running speed; an increase in speed will make it almost impossible for a zombie’s eye to catch you. A suit named camouflage suit is also used to hide from the zombies to hunt them.

 By winning a pilot suit, you are able to fly and catch all types of zombies, whether they are flying zombies. They are specially used for Chinatown zombies because of their flying ability.

There are two types of suits: protective suits and mutant suit.  A protective suit decreases the fear of zombies from you, whether the mutant suit raises your action speed.

  In order to hide from zombies and become detection-free from nearby zombies, you have a suit called a sausage suit. All of the zombie catchers rank progress are going to unlock all of your suits which are obliging for the gamers.

A military truck can upgrade your robot flying ship, which is a very advanced zombie carrier for you. The second one is sharky, which also increases the power of your flying machine.

 A heavy metal suit is surely for Chinatown zombies because they are very violent and can damage you and make you less conscious for a short period of time. Costumes enable a special characteristic in which you look like a zombie just to feel safer and also make it easy to hunt a zombie for you as a supreme hunter.

Costume specifications


Zombie catchers mod apk is a game of zombies that are hunted and then sold out to other planets. Those zombies are crushed in squeezers making juice out of it. And after that, juices are sold to other aliens who like them most to drink.

Zombie catchers ranks progress are the upgrades in the game that are unlocked after you reach a specific amount of kills. That rank makes it easier for the player to catch zombies easily.

Ranks are used to boost your profile while you are playing this game. All of the zombie ranks are useful for the players as increasing in levels also unlocks many features that are very useful in further playing that game.

Supreme hunter is the last rank in zombie catchers.

The first rank in zombie catchers is the newbie.

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