Climb To The Top With Zombie Catchers Max Level

Aj and bud both are top quality hunters having all types of weapons used in zombie catchers max level. In the modern world, humans believe that one day they are going to face the biggest threat to humanity which is zombies.

With respect to that belief, the human race is already trying to do such things which are going to keep them safe from that humiliation of the human race. All of the scientists are making a cure to help humanity in need.

New missions are coming but till now zombie catchers mod apk level max unlimited money is zombie catchers new level so they are working on new levels, to provide you with them as soon as possible. The wait is never too long so, enjoy previous versions. We will alert you as soon as possible when the new version is updated.

Zombie Catchers Max Level

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App nameZombie catchers mod apk
DeveloperDeca games
Size81 MB

Gameplay Zombie Catchers Max Level

The Gameplay of zombie catchers max level mod apk is quite difficult. But take it with a pinch of salt because as playing from level 1 to max level you have gotten so far to becoming fear of that level. The main version of this game is zombie catchers mod apk in which all the coins, money, plutonium, and levels are unlocked.

Because of that, you have an experience with over 98 levels that is not much difficult for you guys to pass that level. Now the ball is in your court and starts to play and take it as a challenge to pass that game.

Gameplay zombie catchers max level

Zombie Catchers Level 68

At the start of zombie catchers level 68 you have a daily mission of killing zombies from a headshot. The number of headshots should be 18 in an hour. To qualify for level 68 these three points are necessary

  • Sell any products 2050 times.
  • Sell 120 jelly bellies.
  • Upgrading a squeezer named mystery skewer.

After meeting these points you are now able to qualify for the next level which is level 69. Unlocking level 68 a new squeezer is unlocked but, you have to buy it for 40000. The name of the new zombie catchers all squeezer is MER MAKI ROLLS.

Zombie catchers level 68

Zombie Catchers Level 70

In zombie catchers level 70 main obstacle is crabs, hitting a crab makes you dizzy for a small period of time, and that small time is enough for a zombie to run from you and find some safe place to hide. Ducks flying in the sky are also part of an obstacle that slows you down for a short time.

Some zombies have bombs that throw at you and will make you dizzy so, you have to get aware of them. In order to get saved from bombs you have to step back till the bomb explodes and then rush to catch a zombie. 

To advance through this level zombie catchers level 70 you have to take these steps.

Zombie catchers level 70
ProductNumber of products sold
Ooh-Zing noodles80
Spicy tofu bits40
Finger licking40


Playing the game zombie catchers max level is a fantastic experience. Here you are not afraid of zombie creatures that’s why you are a pro-zombie hunter. With respect to hunting zombies, you have to use many tools. These tools are different kinds of weapons to trap or catch zombies in zombie catchers mod max level.

Some weapons are harpoon-type weapons which have a long rope connected to them. Some traps are used where a zombie is stuck in them. A shock gun type tesla gun is used in which you threw a shock at zombies which catches more than one zombie. 

The max level of zombie catchers apk is level 100.

If you have got so far then it is very easy for you to pass zombie catchers level 68.

There are three obstacles in zombie catchers level 70.

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