Achieve Zombie Catchers Level 100

 All levels of this game zombie catchers apk are fantastic to play but this zombie catchers level 100 download mod apk is a notable kind of level. It takes you to the next level of gameplay.

Processing forward as more and more missions are coming taking zombie catchers mod apk to an unimaginable experience. Level 100 is going to unlock many more features that are going to help you in playing and catching more difficult zombies.

Getting forward to that game makes it more and more difficult to play so unlocking features and making it more reliable will make it easy to progress more in this zombie-catching game.

Zombie Catchers Level 100 Mod Apk

Zombie catchers level 100 table
App nameZombie catchers mod apk
DeveloperDeca games
Size81 MB

Gameplay Of Zombie Catchers Level 100

At the start, all of the weapons were not fully unlocked and updated but by playing it to zombie catchers | nivel 100, now, you are now a pro player. Now you have 250% more power of harpoon from level 1. The rope length is also increased to 24 feet. Talking about harpoon level 3 power has increased by 400% and rope length by 28 feet.

  Jetpack power is also increased by 200% and also increasing flying time by 200%. Tesla traps have a maximum fill of 5 and decrease refill time by 10 minutes. Jetpack 2 power is increased by 100% while flying time is increased by 1000%. Zombie catchers level 83 was the level where it stopped first but was updated later.

Gameplay of Zombie catchers level 100

Zombie Catchers Level 1

This is the start where you are at zombie catchers level 1. In this level 1 you are trained how to catch a zombie. The first thing is to catch a zombie. When you are successful in catching a zombie then you buy a squeezer and put the desired amount of zombies in it.

Now put three yellow-coloured jelly zombies in it and squeeze them to get juice from them. After making the desired juice you have to sell it to the customers. After selling zombie catchers all products level 2 is unlocked.

Zombie catchers level 1

Below is the list of jet pack power and fly time updates.

PowerCoinsFly timeCoins
100% +33%800100% +33%600

Zombie Catchers Level 20

Zombie games have a common concept of hunters that hunt humans. But this game changed the ideology of the games by making humans a hunter. Taking about zombie catchers level 20, it is not that middle of the game. But if you have gotten so far then, you are a good zombie hunter.

Things that are necessary to upgrade to level 21 are

These are the upgrades necessary to advance your level.

  • You have to sell any products 300 times.
  • Upgrading a squeezer.
  • Buying equipment named zombie trap.


Playing zombie catchers level 100 is a very awesome experience. Till reaching level 100 you become a pro hunter of zombies. Now you are able to set traps and it is very easy for you to hunt zombies.

 Zombie catchers level 20 is also a moderate level where you are learning to set different traps to hunt zombies in a very easy way. zombie catchers level 1 is the very start of the game which has also a learning level in which zombie fiction persons are instructed on how to hunt and sell a zombie in an easy way.

There are 100 levels up till now.

Level 100 is the last level but we are upgrading it now.

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