Get Unlocked Zombie Catchers All Squeezers

Zombie catchers all squeezers are the names of all squeezers used in that game.  When the world was growing fastly in its direction, all the things were growing in their own way, then suddenly a breakthrough came and a virus got out and ‘got out of hand’.

Individuals infected by the virus turn into zombie-like creatures.  Whenever a zombie bites a mortal it also turns them into a zombie. Here are two friends who have a giant idea of making juices and desserts out of zombies. Zombie catchers ranks depend upon continuous playing and unlocking further levels.

Zombie Catchers Squeezer

Zombie catchers all squeezers table
App nameZombie catchers mod apk
DeveloperDeca games
Size81 MB

All About Zombie Catchers All Squeezers

Aj and Bud are two friends having the idea of making a business in which they are going to hunt and sell zombie juices and desserts in different places on different planets. 

    By selling juices and desserts to aliens as aliens don’t know what kind of juice is and what is it made from. These juices are delicious so aliens never want to know about the recipe, and that thing is their hot-selling stock.

By catching all zombie catchers zombies you are able to supply and sell any kind of juices and desserts to the ones who are liking them most. I mean to say the aileans who do not know about the reality.

Every juice and dessert sold to aliens makes profits and if you download the zombie catchers mod apk version you will have all the things unlocked and can earn many huge profits.

All about zombie catchers all squeezers

Benefits Of Squeezers

Aj and Bud are both hunters but one has to drive a spaceship at a time and the other is going to hunt zombies. Hunted zombie catchers products are then put into the segregated squeezer where putting the right type of zombie makes delicious food out of it, which is further used to sell to aliens and earn some profits.

Benefits of squeezers

Some squeezers are just used to make all kinds of healthy juices with different kinds of flavours and some are used to make desserts that also have different kinds of flavours.

Lemon finger ale3 lemon zombies3 minutes 30 seconds
Strawberry Cream1 Cream Zombie4 minutes
Juicy Melons3 Zombies3 minutes 30 seconds
Spineapple Ice-Tea3 apple Zombies4 minutes 30 seconds
Lime ‘N’A Coconut Zombie15 minutes
Yellow Snow Tea3 Zombies3 minute 30 second
Turkey2 Gingerbread  + 2 Tea1-hour
Ooh-Zing4 Mary Popplers3 minutes
Mer-Maki Rolls4 Mermaid Zombies5 minutes

Zombie Catchers All Squeezers Names

Lemon Ginger Ale

 Putting three zombie catchers lemon zombie in the squeezer will make around 1200 profit and their single value is 20. Which will help you in updating your squeezers.

Rigorous Slushie

Three slushie zombies or blueberry slushies and making around 1500 of total profit. The single profit of that is 26. Which will help you in updating weapons.

Rigorous slushie

Apple Jelly-Billie

Two jelly zombies or granny smith apple flavoured jelly making an overall profit of 1800 and a single making profit of 40.

Raspberry Cupcake

Two cupcake zombies making a gross of 2400 and a single making 40.

Raspberry cupcake

Limp Shrimp Cocktail

Two shrimp zombies making a total profit of 6000 and a single artifact making 90.

Sandy Claws Lobster Treat

Two banana zombies adding two shrimp zombies will make this brand. Single brand profit is 120 and total profit is 7200.

Lime N The Coconut

Only one coconut zombie is used and it gives a single artifact profit of 160. Total artifact profit is 9600.

Canine Candy

Two candy zombies produce a profit of around 6000, and a single artifact profit is 100.

Remaining Zombie Catchers Squeezer Names

  • Lemon lime popsicle
  • Fruity cotton gangrene
  • Peels good man banana split
  • Stay daft marshmallows
  • Finger bread
  • Hot shock-o-late
  • Cherry smarm E Lard
  • Frank’N’Furter
  • Real Phoenix Claws
  • Peking duck
  • Undeadliest catch fishsticks


When zombies are caught they become ready to put them in zombie catchers all squeezers. All zombies have different tastes so, every zombie has its own legacy. Squashing zombies in different squeezers will make a juice or dessert which will in the end you are gonna sell to the aliens.

All of the different kinds of zombies have different kinds of squeezers so, by putting a certain amount of desired zombies in a squeezer can make something that is more powerful and very delicious among different kinds of species.

Increasing the number of multiple catches and knocking more than one zombie at a time increases the chances of getting machine parts.

Putting the right zombie and also the right amount of zombies in the squeezer will restart it.

The game is developed by a big company named DECA GAMES.

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