Zombie Catchers All Products Unlimited Guide

At the start of the world, it was very healthy, every person was doing some healthy stuff, working with their hand, and with the absence of machinery all work was done with the bare hands. Zombie catchers all products are the names and making of all products used in this game.

 Working all from the hands and eating things healthy was making everyone healthy. As time goes on humans are now depending upon machinery and pollution is increasing day by day.  The zombie catchers last level is where you have all kinds of squeezer that’s why you can make any type of product from it.

A thing discussed in the modern world is zombies. By moving further and further some experts say that we are getting closer to zombies. And a time will come when the zombies are gonna take control of our earth. 

Zombie Catchers All Products

Zombie catchers all products table
App nameZombie catchers mod apk
DeveloperDeca games
Size81 MB

Introduction To Zombie Catchers All Products

Now that all the zombies have taken control of the earth two friends have a wonderful idea of making that zombie apocalypse a profitable business. Basically zombie catchers all products are all the products used in that game zombie catchers mod apk.

Introduction to zombie catchers products

At the start, Bud has to hunt a zombie and then putting some zombies into the squeezer makes a delicious product out of it. All the products are made from different zombies hence every type of zombie has its own special dessert and juice.

Zombie catchers all products namesSingle product valueBatch sizeBatch processing time
Canine candy100656M 25S
Frank n furter1806515M
Ooh zing noodles70653M 30S
Blazing red hot curry90654M30S
Puking duck140651H20M
Spicy tofu bits120656M 30S
Dicey slice300651H20M
Blinkin fish800651H 30M
Chewy tentacle90654M

All Products Names

All the different kinds of zombies are used in pairs in squeezers to make some exceptional quality juices and desserts. Here are the names of different kinds of products.

  • Lemon finger ale.
  • Rigorous slushie.
  • Apple jelly Billie.
  • Lemon & lime pop-sic-le.
  • Strawberry eyes cream.
  • Banana split.
  • Spineapple ice-t.
  • Lobster treat.
  • Lime n coconut.
  • Finger bread.
  • Yellow snow tea.
All products names


As going further in the game and by unlocking new levels you also have to unlock new squeezers and new products. The other thing you will need to make the delicious dishes are zombies. 

So capturing zombies and putting them in squeezers will give you a product that you will become able to sell and earn all the profits.

There are 36 products in the game zombie catchers apk.

Lemon finger ale is the first product in zombie catchers apk.

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