Become A Boss Slayer With Zombie Catchers All Bosses

Zombies catchers apk game is about catching zombies in different ways and then making juices out of them. Zombie catchers all bosses are the controllers of different areas. Zombie catchers mod apk is the version in which you have all the features unlocked.

 Two friends an alien named aj and a robot named bud have an idea of making juice out of the zombies. So for this purpose, they need to have zombie catchers all squeezers. Squeezers are used to squeeze a zombie and make delicious juices and desserts out of them.

Zombie Catchers All Boss

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App nameZombie catchers mod apk
DeveloperDeca games
Play storeDownload Zombie Catchers Hunt & Sell
Size94 MB

Introduction To Zombie Catchers All Bosses

Talking about Zombie catchers infested city boss, this game has different locations and in order to take control of that location the first thing you have to do is make that location clear from all kinds of zombies.

After getting the town cleared of all zombies here comes the boss zombie catchers. The boss slayer is the one who is the leader of that particular town. So, for getting hold of the town you must have to capture the zombie boss. After capturing the boss now the town is yours.

The list below is the names of new zombie catchers all bosses

  • Zombie catchers swamp boss.
  • Zombie catchers beach boss.
  • Zombie catchers snow boss.
  • Chinatown Zombie Catchers boss.
  • Zombie catchers lagoon boss.
  • Infested City Zombie Catchers Boss.

Zombie Catchers Swamp Boss

Zombie catchers swamp boss has a pig pet which has gonna use to run away from the hunter. There is a location in this game named swamp and it has a boss named Zombie Catchers Swamp Boss.

In order to hunt and sell that boss you have to spend 10 plutonium to unlock the zombie catchers bosses or have 5 perfectly designed hunts. Hunting a boss with any ordinary Zombie Catchers Weapon is a difficult task. Hitting the swamp boss 4 times and not hitting the pig because if you hit the pig it will move faster for a small period of time and hitting the pig can do no damage to the boss. For the sake of capturing the swamp boss, you have to hit him 4 times.

Zombie catchers swamp boss

Zombie Catchers Beach Boss

Zombie Catchers Beach Boss is the boss of the beach location. By capturing all the zombies in boss town now, you have to deal with the beach boss. In order to lure out the boss you have to perform 5 perfect hints. The other way to unlock Zombie Catchers Beach Boss at once is to spend 20 plutonium.

Zombie catchers beach boss

The Beach Boss is a lifeguard on a beach with pulls the drowning zombies out from the beach. He has a buoy used as a shield from the Harpoon level 3 arrows from the hunter. Hitting him 4 times can make him captured. You can also use that boss to make a huge production of juicy melons juice and then make profits by selling them.

Zombie Catchers Snow Boss

A Yeti-type boss who can turn into a big snowball whenever you hit him. In respect to hunting the Zombie Catchers Snow Boss, you have to perform 5 perfect hunts to lure the snow boss out of his pit.

You can also spend 50 plutonium to make a battle with that boss. The ability to convert into a snowball is very unique and it makes it the boss easy to run away from the hunter. That Zombie Catchers Snow Boss is used to make finger bread which is a very hot-selling product.

Zombie Catchers Chinatown Boss

 Chinatown is a town in that game which is a Chinese-type town. He is the ruler of Chinatown. 5 perfect hunts are needed to attract the boss out of his home. You can also use 50 plutonium to take him out.

Zombie Catchers Chinatown Boss has 5 rooftops to run from the hunter the only chance to hunt and sell him. That Zombie Catchers Chinatown boss is used to making a vast amount of production of blazing red hot curry and then making profits from it.

Zombie Catchers Lagoon Boss

A mermaid-type boss with an aqua man-type blade. He can also through it to you to damage and slow you down in order to run from you. 5 perfect hunts are used to attract the boss out from his pit.

 You can also use 50 plutonium to do that. Having a powerful weapon will make it easy to hunt Zombie Catchers Lagoon Boss. Using that boss you will have a vast production of finger-licking gumbo.

Zombie catchers all bosses’ namelife
Zombie catchers Swamp boss4 life
Zombie catchers beach boss4 life
Zombie catchers snow boss4 life
Zombie catchers Chinatown boss4 life
Zombie catchers lagoon boss4 life

Zombie Catchers Final Boss

The final boss is zombie catcher’s lagoon boss. There is also a boss named zombie catchers infested city boss. In zombie catchers infested city zombies, real-life zombies are also an updated location.

Every location has its own boss they can be hunted by having 5 perfect hunts or by spending 50 plutonium.

lagoon boss is the final boss in the zombie catchers apk and is like a hunter mermaid. 

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